Easy-as-1-2-3 Toddler Pompom Skirt


The Anarchist Knitter


Yes, yes, yes, kids (especially ours) are awesome little persons that fill your life with joy while driving you to the brink of madness every single day. But a crocheter/knitter/crafter has a secret reason to love kids: they represent endless opportunities to MAKE something. Later last week, we came to the sudden realization that Little A. had very few skirts (some dresses, but very few – 2 – skirts). In my attempt to raise a gender-neutral human being, I often forget Little A. is a girl. Well, no harm done: it’s just yet another opportunity to create! In a matter of hours, the first crochet skirt was created. Hope you also like it (I know I do!).

For more, please see: http://theanarchistknitter.blogspot.pt/2014/03/easy-as-1-2-3-toddler-pompom-skirt.html

Materials List

  • 100 gr of Aran yarn for skirt (I used Lanas Stop Top Merino)
  • Small Amount in two contrasting colours for Pompoms. 
  • 6.5mm/K hoo
  • Darning needle

Finished Size

18 in waist (unstretched)/ 8 in length.
To fit a 12-24 months old toddler.


14 stitches and 8 rows = 4 inches.

The Pattern

Please see: http://theanarchistknitter.blogspot.pt/2014/03/easy-as-1-2-3-toddler-pompom-skirt.html

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