Easing into Fall

The Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Crochet is on bookshelves in local yarn stores, newsstands, and on its way to your mailboxes. We are so excited to finally be able to share the innovative projects in it with you! Interweave Crochet's Editor Marcy Smith joins us for a preview and to share why she loves fall garments. – Toni

I like to transition gradually  into autumn. I'm not ready to embrace the fall season until about October. Fortunately, in my home state of North Carolina, the weather isn't ready for autumn until October either.

If you feel the same way, or if your climate is also slow to cool, several projects in the Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Crochet can help with this transition. These garments aren't full-on sweaters, but more demi-garments that let you ward off a chill without bundling up.

  Early autumn is perfect for the Oak Wrap by Doris Chan. I have this cunning wrap on my hook already; it crochets up quickly, so you can get it into your wardrobe by next week. The organic cotton/merino blend yarn is light as a feather, so you can wear it in the morning, then slip it into your satchel during the warm hours of the day. Wear it over a short-sleeve shirt or dress, then as the temperatures drop, wear it over a long-sleeve shirt. This wrap is perfectly happy later in the season over a turtleneck and under a heavier cardigan when cool weather really sets in. Worked up in a neutral, it could become your go-to office sweater, with its cap sleeves and wearability.
  The Green Chai Cardi by Jill Hanratty is another terrific transition staple. And, bonus, it will let you practice broomstick lace along the yoke. Learning a new crochet skill is a great way to ease your mind into autumn. If you're already familiar with broomstick lace, you'll be finished with this pretty quickly. With its cropped body and short sleeves, the Green Chai Cardi is perfect for a light layer early in the fall over a tee, then layered over long-sleeve garments later. The open laciness keeps you from overheating. If you like, you can lengthen the body and sleeves for a great winter garment. But let's not talk about winter quite yet.
  Instead, let's look at the fabulous cover garment: the Lace Canopy Cardi Wrap by Simona Merchant-Dest. This is truly a transitional garment. Essentially a wrap with sleeves, it can be worn open, with the lacy front swaying free. As the weather cools, you might toss one front over a shoulder. When things get really cold, you can wrap both sides around you like a shawl. It's happy over skinny jeans and a long-sleeve tee. It would be smashing over a short skirt with tights and boots. This delicious wrap will see you into colder days with style.

All of these garments, and the 17 other projects in the issue, will help you embrace autumn with panache. Order your copy of Interweave Crochet Fall 2011 today or subscribe to the digital or print editions and don't miss a single issue. 

Enjoy, and share your finished projects on the Crochet Me gallery. We'd love to see them!



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