Ear Flap Hat Free Pattern



irfan khan


I already mentioned that I have not proper education in this crochet field. My mother learns me in a home where there are no diagrams or any pattern guides. I learned little bit from internet to convert my home skill into proper language. So my little try to make this pattern for you and discuss about them.

Materials List

Two different color yarnCrochet hook 3mmCrochet needleone scissor

Finished Size



14 stitches and 1 row = 4 inches in 2 years old


Make the earflap:row1.     1hdc into the 14sts, turnrow2.     skip1st st,1hdc into the 12sts,slip st into the last st,(12sts)row3.     skip1st st,1hdc into the10sts,slip st into the last st,(10sts)row4.     skip1st st,1hdc into the8sts,slip st into the last st,(8sts)row5.     skip1st st,1hdc into the6sts,slip st into the last st,(6sts)row6.     skip1st st,1hdc into the4sts,slip st into the last st,(4sts)row7.     1sc in each st, around the hat.

The Pattern

free pattern

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