Dylan Goes to Boston

[Dylan's whole trip is documented here.]

In our last episode, Dylan spent some time in New York. In today's final episode, Dylan went to Boston.

Taking the T into Boston
Preferring the hyper-intellectual, smaller city feel and watching people read on the T, Dylan secured lodging in Cambridge.

Dylan Meets Blogger Friends, Part 1
On his first day in town, he had the pleasure of meeting a couple of long-time blog friends in Boston. Maryse was just as he'd expected — great company, thoroughly entertaining, and an excellent guide to taking the… scenic route around the city. Pfirsch came in from Rhode Island just to hang out, and much fun was had talking and walking and discussing crochet and knitting and, of course, yarn shopping.

Here's Dylan posing with the smallest amount of yarn at Windsor Button. It's actually pretty hard to notice the buttons at Windsor Button, what with all the yarn. All the yarn that Dylan had never laid his Canadian eyes on. In fact, it's a good thing he doesn't have arms, or there's no telling how far into debt Dylan would have sunk.

Taking a Break from Winding
As it was, he bought a hank of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in the Old Rose colourway. (At the time of purchase, I didn't knit socks. But I'd been dreaming of sock knitting for weeks. More another time. This is all about Dylan and the yarn.) Maryse convinced Dylan that using a magic loop was surely the way to go for sock knitting. This was in response to witnessing Dylan convulse in a fit of frustration just at the thought of his recent encounter with double pointed needles. Dylan picked up some 40“ Addi Turbos so he could cast on that night.

A brief interruption: Thanks for a fabulous afternoon, ladies! I had a great time hanging with y'all, and I even got a little sunburn. Who knew?

Dylan Meets Blogger Friends, Part 2
Back to our story. A couple days later, Dylan met Jessica for lunch in Harvard Square. And he just has to say. Jessica has the coolest. glasses. ever (not to be seen in this photo; take Dylan's word for it). And she's psychic, too. And crazy generous.

Yarn from Jessica
She brought Dylan yarn. Blue sock yarn (how did she know?) and blue laceweight yarn (how did she also know I've been mulling over laceweight crochet?).

Over lunch and a trip to Woolcott & Co. (Dylan exercised restraint) and tea, we chatted and chatted. And then Jessica changed my life. See, the magic loop didn't really turn my crank, if you know what I'm saying. So I casually mentioned wanting to explore my last sock knitting resort: knitting with two circular needles. And wouldn't you know that at that precise moment the psychic Jessica pulled out a sock she's knitting on two circs (a Vesper sock yarn sock. Must get some Vesper. It's gorgeous)? Not only did Jessica then explain the workings of it, she also thrust the sock at me, insisting I do some knitting on it. Two pairs of 12” Addi Turbos later, I am a sock knitter.

Before deciding I want my first pair of socks to be toe-up, I started a pair from the top down. At the close of our story, Dylan models:

Dylan and a Sock

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