Drummer’s Stick Bag


by Elijah K.


This is a reply to Jackie D’s comment about her son being a drummer, and I have a pattern for a stick bag.

Materials List

Yarn: any plant fiber or nylon, worsted weight
Main Color (MC): darkish color
Contrasting Color (CC): lighter color
Hook: 6-6.5 mm (J-K), or whatever makes the hdc’s reasonably tight

Yarn Needle

Finished Size

12 cm wide, and however long you choose to make it


reasonably tight


To finish, you fold it into a backwards, sideways S, or a regular-ways N, and sew sides fold to edge, edge to fold, and bottom, all three edges together, with the hook still in the work. Then you make the loop and handle.

The Pattern

Ch for however long you choose to make it.

Tch of 2, hdc however many rows until 37 cm long. Place safety pins every 12 cm or so.

Fold your work so that it looks something like this, the ‘ representing your hook: N’ from the right side, |||||||||’ from the front. With your hook still in the work, whip stitch in CC top, left side (bottom of finished work), and bottom side, continuously. Your work should look something like this, from the side: (|)’ Weave in ends of CC into the inside section.

In MC, ch 9, join with sl st in first ch. Ch enough to make a good handle, sl st in whip stitch at the other end of the row. Tch of 2, hdc into the handle ch until at the end of the row. Sl st into whip stitch below, making a slightly twisted handle.

Cut yarn, pull through, weave in.

Have fun crocheting and drumming!

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