Free Crochet Cowls: Patterns You Can Make for Everyone

Free crochet cowls patterns for you!Cowls are a popular accessory for winter in the USA. I see them everywhere, and they are slowly working their way into my closet. Many of the cowls are crocheted. Crochet cowls patterns are quick and incredibly versatile. You can whip up a lacy swath perfect for year-round use or a thick fabric that will keep you warm while adding a beautiful eye-catching piece to your outfit.


We have gathered five fabulous crochet cowls patterns for our newest free eBook, and just in time too. Cold temperatures are already here, and a fashionable warm cowl is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Crochet Cowls Patterns You’ll Make:

Persimmon Cowl

Learn how to make this easy cowl pattern in our free eBook on crochet cowls patterns.
The Persimmon Cowl by Dora Ohrenstein is worked in Tunisian crochet for a wonderfully warm and cozy crochet cowl. Tunisian knit stitches increase gradually from the neck down through the yoke, making this and easy pattern that even the most beginner crocheter can complete. The piece is worked flat and finished with a single seam.

Lady Blue Warmer

Learn how to crochet this hooded cowl in our FREE eBook on crochet cowls patterns.
The Lady Blue Warmer by Renee Banes is part shawlette, part poncho, part snood, and part hooded cowl crochet pattern. Crocheted in extra fine wool, this hooded cowl crochet pattern creates a surprisingly warm shell desgin cowl. Sparkling beads are crocheted at the edging to give the crochet cowl pattern additional weight to help it fit just right.

Royal Mitts and Cowl

Learn how to crochet these mittens and accompanying cowl in this FREE guide.
The Royal Mitts & Cowl by Rebekah Thompson are worked in the round, and make a great primer for anyone interesting in improving their technique. A combination of Tunisian simple stitches and Tunisian purl stitches create a gorgeous honeycomb design that is perfect for this crochet cowl pattern.

Plus as a special bonus, we’ve included the matching mitts pattern so you can really go out and stay warm with style.

Rocksteady Cowl

You'll love this long crochet cowl pattern that's both eye-catching and fun to make!
The Rocksteady Cowl by Sharon Zientara combines chevron crochet with eye-catching stripes to create a fun crochet cowl. You can wear this cowl in on long loop or doubled. This is also a fabulous cowl option for warmer days.

Fossil Neckwarmer

You'll love this crocheted neckwarmer found in our FREE eBook on crochet cowls patterns.
The Fossil Neckwarmer by Kathy Merrick works up quickly in a bulky yarn, making it a great gift option. Created from joined circles, the subtle design created by the yarn reminded Kathy of the fossils of ancient creatures left behind in rocks.

Peridot Pop

This is a quick and easy neck gaiter to crochet and can be found in our FREE eBook on crochet cowls patterns.
The Peridot Pop designed by Jill Wright is a quick and easy neck gaiter can become a hat simply by pulling up the drawstring and tying it with a bow.

Chevron Dreams

You'll love this textured and deep chevron crochet pattern in this FREE eBook.
Chevron Dreams designed by Carrie Carpenter has the texture and deep chevrons to make this a fun and versatile pattern. The simple two row pattern is easily memorized, encouraging you to change the colors to suit your own taste. Make the cowl longer, or even forget the cowl and leave it as a scarf.

Find the perfect crochet cowl to add to your wardrobe with these five free crochet cowls patterns. Download your copy of Crochet Cowls: 7 Free Crochet Cowl Patterns now!


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