Double Stitch Twins on TV

. You may remember the Double Stitch Twins, Erika and Monika Simmons, from their Interweave book a few years ago, Double Stitch: Designs for the Crochet Fashionista. They've made a name for themselves in the world of 21st century urban crochet fashion, and they're still hard at work creating new designs for crochet fashionistas everywhere.

To celebrate National Crochet Month, they're appearing on Lifetime, talking about their inspiration for empowering women to relax and be creative.

It's a great message. Crochet is a way to unwind and be artistic after a busy day. The crazier our schedules get, the more important it is that we sit down and take some time for ourselves. The meditative nature of crochet makes it the perfect medium for melting away the day's anxieties. And it doesn't hurt that you have something fabulous when you're done! Whether it is an expressive piece for you to wear or a gift for someone special, you'll feel better for having made it.

Check out the twins tomorrow! They will be on Lifetime's The Balancing Act. Check here for listings. Enjoy!


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