Double Magic Ring Quick Tutorial

One of the most popular Crochet me tutorials is the magic adjustable ring. There are two ways to do this technique, basic and double magic ring, both are covered in Crochet Me‘s Free Crochet Magic Ring eBook for your reference. The basic magic ring creates a secure start for projects worked in the round, but for those needing more strength, such as hats, the double magic ring is better. Here’s the double magic ring technique detailed for you:

  1. Holding the yarn a few inches from the end, wrap it twice around your first two fingers.
  2. Remove the loops from your fingers, and hold as in the photo below. Grip the two loops and the tail firmly between your middle finger and thumb.
  3. Insert your hook through the center of the ring, and draw up a loop. This brings the working yarn around the loops of the ring. Chain 1.
  4. Work your stitches around the ring as indicated by your pattern. In the photo below, 6 single crochets were worked into the ring.
  5. Pull up the loop on your hook so it won’t unravel, and remove your hook. Holding the stitches firmly with one hand, pull on the yarn tail with the other. One of the two loops forming the ring will be drawn closed.
  6. Continue to pull the tail to close the second loop. You might have to pull very hard, and it might be easier to pull straight down.
  7. Work the first stitch of the next round, and insert a marker into it to indicate the beginning of the round.

– written by Kim Werker

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