Do you have the perfect crochet bag?

Did you ever play with blocks when you were a little kid? I loved building boxes, towers, and colorful geometric designs. The possibilities were endless. I guess I never outgrew my love of building blocks; I simply combined it with crochet.

Banjo Bag by Sharon Ballsmith

That's how I have always seen crochet motifs, like ornate lace blocks. Each individual motif is gorgeous in its own intricacy, the delicate lace design created with thread or even bulky weight yarn. Then the individual motifs can be joined to create columns, rectangles, triangles, or many other shapes. You can join the motifs as you go, or create stacks of separate motifs and design your project before joining them.

One of my favorite motif projects is the crochet bag. The simple shape of the bag is perfect for any crochet motif and really allows the crochet lace to shine. It's also the ideal design for beginning crocheters.

Pinata Bag by Tracy St. John

Crochet motif bags can be created from almost any fiber. The Banjo Bag is crocheted from an 80/20 cotton and wool blend, making it sturdy and machine washable, perfect for a project bag or daily use. Felted 100% wool is another great choice for a crochet bag. The thick felted fiber doesn't need a fabric lining and is great for heavier loads.

But if you are looking for something a little more cutting edge, try crocheting motifs with 100% plant fiber raffia. The Abracadabra Bag combines raffia yarn with hairpin lace motifs to create a summer tote in a modern geometric shape.

Abracadabra Bag by Teresa Alvarez

So which crochet motif bag is your favorite? Well, now you don't have to choose. Download this exclusive Crochet Motif Bag Pattern Kit and make all five innovative bag patterns. You can explore felting, join-as-you-go motif construction, and hairpin lace. Order your kit in the Crochet Me Shop today!

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