Show Your Stash a Little Love with a DIY String Art Valentine

I ♥ yarn and I can’t bear the thought of tossing out any length of it. I have dozens and dozens of partial skeins floating around my home and office as a result. Sure, I could keep them contained in a beautiful bowl or jar, but those started overflowing ages ago. So I’m always on the look out for a unique way to use my scrap yarn.

String art is an excellent method to use extra yarn in a really fun, creative way. In his book, DIY String Art, author Jesse Dresbach shows you step-by-step how to make beautiful string art projects. Along with valuable tips, tricks, and trouble shooting information, he also includes 24 inspiring string art projects for you to enjoy. Inspired by Jesse’s technique, I came up with a design of my own—a string art Valentine!

All the supplies to make your own string art Valentine are available at your local craft or hobby store. You’ll need a wood surface, paint or stain, 5/8″ finishing nails with a head large enough to catch the yarn, hammer, pliers, scrap paper, scissors, yarn, and a white chalk marker.

How to Make a DIY String Art Valentine

1. Paint or stain your wood surface. In my example, I used craft store matte acrylic paint in a medium gray for my background.

2. Print a letter “I” in your favorite font set to approximately 420pt size. This should give you a letter about 3″ in height. Cut out your letter template and from the remaining scrap paper, cut out a 3″ heart. To make the heart I called on my 3rd grade Valentine making knowledge. All you have to do is fold paper in half and cut out a half heart on the fold. It makes a perfectly symmetrical heart every time.

3. Once the paint is dry, tape your letter and heart to the wood surface. With hammer and nails, create an outline around the outer edge of both templates. I found it helpful to hold the nails with pliers so I didn’t whack my fingers. It was just one of the many tips Jesse shares in DIY String Art.

diy string art

Outline paper templates with finishing nails before stringing your design.

4. Remove the paper templates and start zig-zagging and randomly wrapping your yarn from nail to nail until you’ve filled the inside of your shapes. Tie the yarn off with a knot, and trim the excess. I found sock weight scrap yarn to be perfect for string art! Anything thicker and it is difficult to keep the yarn on the nails.

Show your love of yarn or special someone, the white chalk marker POPs off a soft gray background.

5. Add your devotion. With a white chalk marker, add the thing you love most to your Valentine. I ♥ yarn! But you might love crochet or sheep or wine. This is your chance to show that special something or someone your love. Tip: It might be helpful to sketch it with pencil first to get the placement just right. Thankfully, matte paint is pretty forgiving when it comes to erasing.

diy string art

Display your Valentine and show others how much you love your yarn stash!

And there you have it… a DIY string art Valentine that shows your love of yarn (or other passion). Grab a copy of DIY String Art today for more great string art stash busting ideas and share your projects in the comments below.

-Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Books

Make a DIY String Art Valentine Today!

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