Discover Vintage Crochet Afghan Patterns

The year was 1918 and the United States was in the middle of World War I. Women busily worked up socks, sweaters, balaclavas, blankets, and gloves to send to the troops overseas. But they also managed to find some time to create "comforts" for their own home. And as the war ended, these women, who had discovered a passion for needlework, began looking for a larger variety of patterns. Afghans, than as now, were very popular.

Tunisian Crochet Afghan  
Nixie Baby Afghan  

Crochet afghans are truly timeless. The stitch patterns, designs, and techniques popular almost a hundred years ago will still look beautiful in any 21st-century room. You can marry vintage crochet patterns to your decor with Warm &Cozy Afghans from 1918 to Crochet. In this new eBook, you will find eight gorgeous afghan patterns.

  Crochet Puff Stitch
Bean Stitch

Cross-stitch embroidery on Tunisian simple stitch backgrounds fascinates me, so I adore the Nixie Baby Afghan. You could cross-stitch a delicate flower, like the sample crocheter did, or work a design of your choice. And I really want to play with the bean stitch used to create the body of the Dotty Dimple crochet blanket.

Grab your hook, throw on a period show, and download Warm & Cozy Afghans from 1918 to Crochet.

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