Discover the Possibilities of Crochet Motif Patterns

The Free Crochet Motif Patterns eBook has 5 crochet patterns that include crochet squares, circles and motifs.

The building blocks of crochet, motifs perfectly combine structure and lace, and are the perfect components for sweaters, scarves, shawls, and more. Crochet motif patterns can also be the perfect technique for crocheting squares, hexagons, circles, and more.

With this free collection of patterns, I wanted to highlight both projects that used crochet motifs in classic construction styles as well as projects that highlight motifs in unusual ways. You will find traditional shawls comprised of lacy and detailed crochet motifs. A gorgeous afghan highlights the crochet motif in a new and fun way.


The five crochet patterns included in this Free Crochet Motif Patterns eBook represent the broad possibilities of this foundation crochet technique. The Serene Box Pleat Top and Ring Around the Posie sweater illustrate how a square crochet pattern can be used to build garments. The Cabine de Dentelle Afghan is an example the beauty that crochet square patterns can provide, as well as how to incorporate motifs into projects that aren’t exclusively constructed from motifs. Carmen’s Jazz Scarf and the Katrina Shawl will introduce you to joining crochet squares and other motifs, eliminating that annoying seaming step. Each pattern also includes detailed stitch diagrams that help visual crocheters walk through how to crochet motifs.

Crochet Motif Patterns

The Cabine de Dentelle is a beautiful afgan that has step-by-step instructions included in the Free Crochet Motif Patterns eBook. The Cabine de Dentelle by Annette Petavy is a log cabin inspired design borders a lacy crochet motif creating larger square motifs that combine to create a beautiful afghan that highlights both the geometrical and lace qualities of crochet. This gorgeous afghan makes a gorgeous decor piece and is perfect for naps when you need just a touch of warmth and comfort.

The Serene Box Pleat Top by Kristin Omdahl is aflattering top that has 5 motifs at the bust. The Serene Box Pleat Top by Kristin Omdahl is a sophisticated and flattering top with clever shaping. Worked in lace-weight yarn, the rows of strips of motifs in this tank top have beautiful drape. A v-shaped lace insert of a second motif highlights the possibilities of motifs to create either columns or lace. Columns and rows of delicate crochet squares/patterns stack to build this beautifully draped top. A cunning box pleat allows you to create shaping and drape with motifs. This pattern is a fun way to learn how to crochet squares together, as you go!

The Katrina Shawl crochet pattern has 3 different vibrant colors and can be found in the free Crochet Motif Patterns eBook.Designed to emulate the frothy swirls of the ocean, the Katrina Shawl by Lisa Pflug uses two strands of lace-weight yarn to create a gradual color shift across the breadth of the shawl. The soft haze of the mohair adds comforting warmth. The motifs are joined as you go, creating the central panels first, then adding the outer motifs. In this pattern you’ll learn how to crochet circles and join them as you go.

The Ring Around the Posie by Tammy Hildebrand is a relaxed look top or can be made to look sophisticated with a silk fabric. Large crochet motifs create the Ring Around the Posie by Tammy Hildebrand. This top is created from six strips for a total of eighteen simple motifs. Style it over a simple cami in a contrasting color to create a trendy, relaxed look or pair it with a matching silk cami for a more sophisticated look. This top is created with simple square crochet patterns. These large motifs, worked in a summer-weight cotton and bamboo yarn, are perfect for your summer wardrobe. Pair this easy top with a complimentary or contrasting tank and spice up your favorite pair of jeans. You’ll also discover how to join crochet squares as you go, for easy finishing.

The Carmen's Jazz scarf is a crochet scarf pattern that is created by using colorful yarn.A riot of colors make Carmen’s Jazz Scarf by Sue B. Balcom the perfect stash busting accessory. Exploded crochet motifs are joined as you go to create a wide scarf that is sure to be a statement piece. For a more delicate accessory, try working this motif pattern in a DK or fingering weight yarn. Crochet circles in a riot of colors create this eye-catching scarf. Plus, thanks to this project you’ll learn how to crochet a flat circle, a valuable skill to have.

Whether you want to explore the construction of crochet motifs, learn how to join motifs as you go, or discover multiple ways to incorporate motifs into gorgeous projects, you will find the perfect crochet motif pattern in How to Crochet Squares, Circles and Crochet Motifs: Free Crochet Motif Patterns. Which motif crochet pattern will you crochet first?


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