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Hi, I’m Jess Coppom, the blogger behind and the author of the upcoming crochet book, Corner to Corner Crochet.

If you’re unfamiliar, corner to corner crochet (often shortened to C2C) uses the diagonal box stitch to work back and forth from one diagonal corner of a project to another. Haven’t tried it? Don’t worry, the book covers all the basics! Part of the magic of C2C is that you can “paint with yarn” to create illustrations like a city skyline or mountain landscape.

Corner to Corner Crochet

The inspiration for the Corner to Corner Crochet was born out of a desire to highlight the flexibility of C2C crochet: it’s far from only a medium to create character afghans! I publish a wide variety of modern crochet patterns—from garments to home décor—on my blog and I’m admittedly a “variety seeker” type of person, so this focused collection was also a personal challenge that excited me.

Because corner to corner crochet is often worked from a graph, it naturally lends itself to graphic, repeating patterns. I wanted to this to be a compilation of patterns that would feel at home in a modern magazine or catalog, but not so trendy that they’ll be dated by the time you finish the last stitches. Classic rugs, tiles, woven baskets, cross stitch and clothing all became fodder for the designs in this book.

The Inverse Throw, for example, was inspired by timeless monochromatic tile patterns that can theoretically repeat forever. Similar to laying tiles, this blanket is worked in a series of rectangles and then seamed together for a finished project that would make M.C. Escher proud. It’s hard to find a similar fiber arts technique that allows you to create such varied striking patterns with ease.

Corner to Corner Crochet

A C2C rectangle can create so much more than blankets and afghans though, so you’ll find plenty of patterns in the book, like the Endless Sky Poncho, where a series of rectangles can become garments, hats and pillows. And if the idea of managing multiple skeins of yarn feels intimating, get started with any of the simple projects like the Sediment Poncho or Crested Butte Cowl that will let you practice basic stitches without much counting or changing colors.

Whether you’re new to corner to corner or have miles of C2C on your crochet resume, I hope you’ll find some new tips, techniques and inspiration in this Corner to Corner Crochet book. I can’t wait to see how you use these patterns and tutorials to execute your own creative vision!

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