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A crochet sweater pattern catches your attention. You find the perfect yarn, pick up your favorite crochet hook, and dive into the pattern. Hopefully that pattern includes plenty of stitch diagrams. Stitch diagrams make everything easier, including modifications, and one of my favorite designers, Robyn Chachula, is a genius withe stitch diagrams.


Practice your finishing skills with the Elinor Cardigan by Robyn Chachula, included for free with Finishing in Style.  

But it's the last step of creating a crochet sweater that gives many of us pause. Finishing a garment is the critical step. Smooth seams, clean fastenings, and tailored embellishments give your garments a professional look. In her newest video, Crochet Finishing Techniques with Robyn Chachula, Robyn will walk you through her finishing tips, including blocking, seaming, embellishing, adding fastening, and (gasp) even cutting your crochet.

Here are some great tips from Robyn on blocking your garment pieces.


I never think any project is finished until it has its edging and has been blocked. Of the many ways of blocking, here are three that I find helpful. I first test my blocking on my project swatch. If one method doesn't work well, I try a different one.

Option 1: Pin your pieces to schematic size, spray them with water, and allow them to dry. I use this method most often on bamboo, silk, acrylic, and wool-blend projects.

Option 2: Pin your pieces to schematic size and steam them with an iron, holding the iron at least an inch above the fabric (and being careful never to let the iron touch it). I use this method most often on acrylic and superwash wool projects.

Option 3: Submerge your project in a cool gentle-was bath, gently towel it dry, and pin it to schematic size. I use this method most often on animal-fiber (wool, alpaca, mohair) and linen projects.

-Robyn Chachula, Blueprint Crochet Sweaters

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P.S. What is your favorite blocking technique?

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