Dinnertime Link Dump

When I started writing this it was lunchtime. It's been one of those days. (Anyone else in the PNW feel like now they know what it must be like to live in the Arctic during the winter? All day it's felt like night.)

I've had some of these pages open in Firefox for a couple of days. Time to share:

  • Medusa nematocystaScallop Tea Cosy – I'm not usually a fan of these, but this one's gorgeous. [I can't remember where I found this…]
  • Sea Creatures crocheted and knitted out of recycled plastic bags (shown in thumbnail here). Freaking awesome.
  • Bobble Handbag – It's today's Pattern Podcast on Craft:
  • Plaid Blanket Shrug – Why don't I hate this? I don't know. I like it. Weird. [via Craft:]
  • MK's been reviewing books and mags (I'm not just mentioning this because she liked TYV; I'm mentioning it because I like the way she writes reviews)
  • I want this book [via My Paper Crane]

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