Digital Age Cozy


MK Carroll


Digital Age CozyYet another excuse to use fluffy yarn! I made mine specifically for my iPod; it’s a size that will also hold most mobile phones and PDAs as well. The cozy closes with a loop and button so that I can plug the earbuds in while it’s in the cozy; you may want to put the loop in a different location depending on what you are keeping in it. The colors and the button that you choose will change the feel of the cozy dramatically –- picture it in a bright color with a fruit-shaped button, for example, or a pale color with a big rhinestone button.

Materials List

  • Berroco Plush, 100% nylon, 1.75 oz/50g, 1 skein in the color of your choice (color in photo is black #1934)
  • Hook: I/5.5mm
  • Button, sewing needle, thread in desired color


top viewGauge:
10 sts = 3 inches
2 rows = 1 inch


US pattern convention used

When making a gauge swatch, hold a strand of thread (in a color that contrasts with the yarn) with the yarn strand. It’ll be a lot easier to count the number of stitches.

The Pattern

Ch 24

Ch1, turn

Row 1-14: hdc all sts, ch 1, turn.

(14 rows or until piece measures 4.5 inches)

Cut yarn, leaving a 10” tail, and pull through final stitch. Fold cozy in half. Single crochet the side together, working fairly loosely – you don’t want the seam to be pulled too tight, which would distort the fabric. Turn and single crochet the bottom together. Pull end through. You can weave in the end to be nice and neat, or just tie a knot and cut off the excess (this yarn is so fluffy it won’t show). Turn so the seam is on the inside and decide where you want the button. I put it in the center so that the loop will go around the headphone cord. Sew on the button. Using yarn, make a slip knot and single crochet one stitch into the side opposite the button. Chain a cord long enough to go around the button and back (I chained 20; you may need more or less depending on the size of your button and where you put it). When chain is long enough, single crochet the end next to the beginning of the cord, making a loop.

Weave in the ends if you are a neatnik – this yarn is so fluffy that I just tie a knot around a stitch and trim it closely.

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