Details of Andi’s Version

andi's version


Hi All–here finally are the details on how to work up Andi's edging on the sweater–penned by the artist herself. Andi–feel free to chime in in the comments with anything else… Are you making one for the CAL?


Crystal Palace Yarns – Meringue in vine green.

Mine is about a size 16 and took 10 balls of yarn.

I worked the pattern in hdc through both loops on a G hook.  

I made the sleeves about elbow length by adding 12 rounds of hdc, decreasing at the armpit 1 st each round until I had 54 sts. This decrease was worked both to get a snugger sleeve and also to end with a multiple of 6 sts to work the lace border.

Through sheer dumb luck, the body had a multiple of 6 (132) however, if your version does not:

about 2 inches before your desired length,  dec 1 st at each side of the body on each 2nd row until you have the desired # of sts.

Lace border (on multiples of 6 sts)

On the last st of the hdc rounds, sc rather than hdc, then begin lace round thus:

round 1. ch4, hdc into 3rd ch from sc, *ch2, hdc into 3rd chain from last hdc, around, join with sl into ch4.

round 2. ch1, *sc into ch2sp, ch1, (2hdc, ch3, 2hdc) into next ch 2 sp, ch1, around, join with a sl into first ch1.

round 3. ch1, sc into previous sc, ch2,*( 2hdc, ch4, 2hdc) into next ch3 sp, ch2, sc into sc on previous round, ch2, around, join wih a sl into first sc.

round 4. *2sc into ch2 sp, (3sc, ch3, sl into 3rd ch from hook to form picot, 3sc) into ch4 sp, sc into sc from previous round, rep to end. fasten off and weave in ends.

Neck band
(begin at back of neck)
round 1. sc
round 2. 2sc, ch3, sl into third ch from hook to form a picot, 2sc to end close with a sl.


There you have it, enjoy! 

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