Designing Crochet Sweaters with Sticky Notes

As I watched Robyn Chachula's newest video, I wanted to share with you examples of Robyn's tips on yarn choice, tricks for getting gauge, or guidance on creating a personal schematic for getting the perfect fit. The section on sleeve shaping, describing the design and benefits of cap and side saddle sleeves, was fabulous. But I got distracted by sticky notes. Yes, that's right, sticky notes.

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Robyn is a very visual crocheter, designer, and teacher. So when she designs her gorgeous granny square or motif garments, she likes to first design with sticky notes. With this ingenious design trick, she can determine exactly how many motifs and what motif shapes she will need.

I decided to try her method for myself, and you should too. It's simple! First, round up a pair of scissors, a couple of different colors of sticky notes, and a surface to design on. Robyn suggests using different color notes for the front and back. I found this extremely helpful as I was designing the neckline and can see how it would also be great for a cardigan design.


I decided that I wanted to put my "motifs" on an angle, creating diamond shaped motifs. I have the perfect motif design already chosen. This left areas of my "rectangular" tunic without motif coverage. This is where the scissors come in handy. Now start cutting your sticky notes into halves, quarters, three-quarters, etc. Like a design puzzle, spin, flip, and play with fitting different shaped pieces together until you have created a design you are happy with.

As I studied my simple finished tunic, I realized that rather than using half motifs on the front and back to form the shoulders, I could use full motifs, wrapping half to the front and half to the back.

Don't worry about creating the triangles or half motifs that were so easy to cut out of the sticky notes, Robyn will walk you through a simple way to use stitch diagrams to create partial motif patterns. She also explains multiple ways to size motif designs, and the math isn't even difficult.


If you are not a fan of motif garments, Robyn also walks you through creating raglan designs using a circular yoke, a raglan yoke, and what she calls an in between yoke. These yoke styles are great for top down or bottom up.

  Petal Pullover, Free workshop pattern

Then she delves into creating the proper seam, tricks for the perfect edging, tips for stabilizing fabric that wants to stretch, and how to move an already crocheted pocket or button hole.

I will be watching this workshop again and again. Order your copy of Crochet Sweater Studio, Designing Garments that Suit Your Shape with Robyn Chachula and modify or design your own crochet sweaters today!

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