Do I need this bag as much as I want it?

I want it so badly the $193 (US!) price tag is not a deterrent. I travel a lot. And I take Crochet me with me everywhere I go. That means my computer comes with me. On the plane. And since I don't like to check bags if at all possible, that means I bring my computer bag and a backpack and that's it. Nothing to carry my wallet and camera (and book and cell phone and yarn) in once I arrive wherever it is I'm going. (So that I sometimes end up stuffing a canvas bag into my backpack, taking up valuable space that could otherwise be occupied by a shirt I won't wear or by more extra pairs of underwear. Or yarn.)

Dude. This bag folds in half so you can use it as a purse when you no longer need it to hold your computer and carry-on items. And it's cool to look at. It's actually pretty stylish. Yet timeless. And durable.

Mr. Crochet me thinks the price is way too high, and played mean games with me when I brought it up. He reads this blog. Please help me convince him this bag will help my CAREER. I'll be 30 in July. This could be my present. (Even though I'd already said I wanted a piece of art as a present. I can figure out another reason to buy art.) [Edited to add: Scratch that. Reverse it. I want art for my birthday. The justification for this bag is that, in terms of luggage the price isn't entirely off the charts, it serves a practical purpose I've been searching to have served for a long time, and it will get a ton of use.]

Unless, of course, you think I'm crazy. If you think I need a reality check, I'll take that too. Anything to make me stop thinking of this bag.

Bag for TNNAUpdate (29 April): I found the perfect bag for me. For right now, at least. It's made from vegan materials (which means a damp cloth will clean it in heartbeat), it's way roomy, and I love the look of it. It was a fraction of the price of the other bag. It'll be perfect for TNNA in June, and for regular every day use, since I have a tendency to carry lots of crap important stuff around.

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