Denver, Part 2It Was Really Boulder

It's been a long time since I fell victim to such a thing, but I lost my long, grand blog post about the second part of my Denver trip to a pesky doesn't-automatically-save blog tool and my thankfully-now-finally-replaced-because-it-was-on-its-last-legs laptop battery a few days ago. So if this post seems too late, and a bit lacking in enthusiasm, it's only because I hate doing things twice, not because I didn't have an incredibly awesome time!

Ok. I started the day last Friday with a wee jaunt to do another news show. That's a lot of blush to smear on my face first thing in the morning, kids. (I just hit "save", in case you were concerned.) I talked about granny squares. Check out how they use that mirror above the table to shoot as if from above.

Then I drove up to Loveland and spent my last Interweave day in more fun meetings, and also about a pretty cool new project I'll tell you about in a few months. And then, to top off my day of driving about 150 miles (yow), I went to Boulder. Boulder is really close to the Rockies. It's an incredibly gorgeous drive.

Thus ensued a thoroughly delightful evening at Shuttles, Spindles, & Skeins, where there was much fondling of crochetwear and the talk might have, at one point (helped by some illustrative gesturing), drifted into inappropriate-for-children territory. As I've come to expect from crocheters (and knitters — lots of knitters are showing huge interest in crochet! Rock) through my travels, we had some great conversation.

I also met a designer I've only just started working with: Jill Wright. Look for one of her designs in the Winter 2007 Interweave Crochet. Here's Jill, wearing the Comfy Cardi, with Marly, the Yarn Thing, herself. (I just hit "save" again.)

Check out how great the Victorian Shrug looks over Jill's turtleneck:

I bought some yarn that night, too. Some local yarn, which is my favourite kind. Alpaca, too, which is also my favourite. I have some ideas for this, but it'll be a while. It's Lonesome Stone Natural Alpaca Wool.

I spent last weekend with an ooold friend, chilling out and reconnecting after pretty much fifteen years (!). When I got home I was so exhausted and yet happy that I sat down and made myself a shawl in three days. I didn't know I had that kind of speed in me! It's from the Seraphina's Shawl pattern, which has a few inconsistencies but nothing difficult to overcome. That said, it's a lovely, simple pattern and I'm thrilled with the result. I have no doubt there will be more in my future. After a wet block, my wee 600 yards of alpaca yarn went surprisingly far, and the shawl is deliciously soft and warm. It doubles gracefully as a scarf, which I discovered when I wore it to the Circle Craft Christmas Market today (oh, the relief in having completed more than half our holiday shopping already).

Started: 5 November 2007
Finished: 7 November 2007
Yarn: Adirondack Yarn Co. Sierra (90% alpaca, 10% wool); 1 hank (about 600 yards)
Hook: 5.5mm
More photos here.

Finally, guess how happy I was to discover yarn at the craft show today! Indigo Moon is some gorgeous yarn. I got some for a friend and some for myself. I have a hat design in my head; we'll see if I can't force that into reality sometime soon.

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