Denver, Part 1Lamb Shoppe and More

As usual, it would seem, I am behind. And as usual, I think my excuse is valid, and I hope you’ll agree. After having such a fun time in Portland last weekend (I suppose this is now considered two weekends ago, really), I flew to Denver, whereupon I rented a car and drove immediately to Loveland, home to Interweave HQ. I then proceeded to spend the next three days working non-stop putting our Winter 2007 issue to bed. And I also crocheted myself the most hideous Halloween costume ever. So hideous there are no pics to share.

I’ll distract you with a view from the airplane. Oh, how I love the PNW.

On Thursday I spent the day in meetings (working from home means I’ve come to love meetings. Who knew?), then rushed over to the KUSA studio in Denver (this is a schlep, in case you’re unfamiliar with the Denver area—which I was until this last trip during which I drove all over) to chat with Kim, the lovely anchor, about my new fascination with yarns made from edible sources. I think I’ve mentioned that here before. I’ve written my Yarn Spotlight for the winter issue on the topic. Anyhoo.
Yummy yarns on TV

Then I grabbed a bite to eat with Laura from Interweave who kindly kept me company, and off we went to Lamb Shoppe, a store so gorgeous I remembered immediately to take out my camera (wonder of wonders!).

Look! They even have “crochet” on their window. Rock.

Check out how beautiful the store is, man:

It was so cozy and comfortable. We all had a fabulous chat about crochet.

Everyone was so friendly and warm and enthusiastic. I didn’t want to leave.

Meet Kris. Kris introduced me to my first iPhone. Covet does not do my reaction justice. The screen in her hand is displaying my Ravelry page. Dude. The coolest.

Here’s Angie in the Victorian Shrug. (Angie’s name is just Angie, just like mine is just Kim. I love meeting nickname peeps.)

Terri Lynn and I had had a few exchanges before the event. It’s so much fun to meet internet friends in person! She took lots of photos and even some video. (Actually, I’m a little afraid. Not realizing her very still-camera-looking camera was taking video, I might have, at one point, looked right into it and given a granny squares YAR! that could possibly make Howard Dean’s exclamation seem tame. [Note: I think the attention that yelp got was stupid and counterproductive. Just sayin’.])

Check out Val’s incredible beaded wire crochet:

Tamara, if the lore is for real, has more yarn stored in her home than any seventeen crocheters I’ve met.

I had to tear myself away from the store at the end of the night. Good thing I make it back to the Denver area a few times a year. I definitely have to go back soon!

To come: Another news gig, a delightful evening in Boulder, and a pooped editor taking some time off this week to gear up for the end of the book tour.

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