Defeat: Falling for the Cozy

Cozy Up, Yo

I think cozies are dumb. I like things to look like what they are, even if what they are is a roll of toilet paper propped on the lid of the tank or an ugly, worn out vacuum cleaner. If I'm going to crochet something useless, I want it to be useless in its own right, in all its own waste-of-space glory.

Me and Me in My New CameraStill, I discovered this morning before I even had my tea that sometimes a cozy is necessary. Say, to protect the shiny casing of your new painfully fabulous wee camera. When I bought said new camera last night I did spend some time in the camera-case aisle at the store, but I just couldn't stomach any of the wee black cases. Not wanting to leave the shiny camera casing or plastic-covered lens totally unprotected, though, I took up my hook.

Now, you might be tempted to argue that since my crocheted covering serves a clear purpose, I should call it a "case" instead of a "cozy" and thus not feel the need to qualify my thoughts about cozies and save you the time having to read it. But let's not kid ourselves. This covering might protect the camera from scratches, but it lends no structural protection at all. In fact, I may discover through use that the camera turns itself on while it's bouncing around in my bag, or something. And really, much of my motivation was to make something cute.

So, well. There you have it. Presenting my camera cozy:
What? I couldn't help myself.

This is so ridiculously simple you don't or shouldn't need or want a pattern, but if you do, let me know and I'll post it.

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