Dangly Beaded Earrings In Hoops




These pretty lacy earrings will dress up any outfit.  I like wearing them with a blouse and pair of jeans.

It’s my first earring project and first pattern writing so if you find a hitch in the pattern please contact me directly.  Thank you.


Materials List

Crochet thread size 10

Steel crochet hook size 7

12 small pearlized beads that the crochet thread will fit through

pair hoop earrings, 1 1/2″ diameter  (pattern can be worked into smaller or larger hoops with a few adjustments)


Finished Size


Gauge not important, for more lacy earrings work stitches loosely.  For neater, more uniform look, work stitches more tightly.  I made these both ways and was very happy with the results either way.


Confused  Important:  For beaded earrings, string the 12 beads onto thread before beginning work


Special Stitches

Triple Picot:  ch 3, sl st in third ch from hook three times, join altogether with sl st in beginning ch of first picot, pull tight to close together.

Beaded picot
:  ch 1, slide 1 bead into work for next ch, ch 1, join with sl st in third ch from hook (incl beaded ch)

Beaded triple picot:
  ch 3, sl st in third ch from hook, ch 1, add bead to next ch, ch 1, sl st to ch preceding beaded ch, ch 1; ch 3, sl st in third ch from hook, sl st in first chain of first picot


Geeked There are some tutorial photos at the bottom of the post here that show how to sc onto the hoops, etc.

The Pattern

Row 1:

Attach thread to one end of hoop  with a sl st and keeping the hoop inside your stitches,

sc 42 around  (if you need help with this, see photos at bottom of this post)

turn your work without a ch st.

Row 2

sk first sc, sl st in next 8

sc in next, hdc in next, dc in next

Make beaded picot
(ch 1, add bead into ch st, ch 1, sl st in third ch from hook – including beaded ch –  )

sk next st, hdc in next, sc in next, and then sl st in the following 3 sc of previous row.

sk sc, in next sc: hdc, then make a beaded picot, hdc in next sc,  sk next sc, sl st in next

ch 4,
add bead in 5th ch, (keep stitches tight),
ch 4 more,  sl st in st at base of ch 4 preceding the last beaded ch
(beaded loop made)

sl st in next sc, make beaded picot, hdc in next sc

sl st in following 3 sc of previous row

ch 1, make beaded picot, then hdc in next sc.

sk 1 sc. sl st in eight remaining sc

Fasten off row 2,  and then proceed as follows:

Row 3
attach with a sc the same color or contrast color if you prefer of your choice for final round at ch st base (on side closest to middle of hoop) of first (hdc, beaded picot, hdc) cluster  (Photo at bottom of this post points to the exact attachment point)

hdc in next sl st of previous row,

dc in next  sl st, ch 3,

triple picot

dc into back loop of beaded ch st of the beaded picot of previous row

ch 2,

 triple picot adding bead to middle ch of middle picot

sk next beaded picot of previous row (middle one),

dc in a loop of the beaded ch st  of next beaded picot in previous row

triple picot,

ch 3

1 dc in first of the three sl st from previous row, (preceding the last beaded picot in row 2 )
hdc in next,
sc in last sl st that precedes the last beaded picot of row 2

Finish off, weave in ends

Block and use fabric stiffener if necessary, to keep the frilly parts in place,

Gift These went over nicely as a gift to a friend and my manicurist and would make a nice birthday or Mother’s Day gift too



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