Dana’s Valentine: Crocheted Toys

We are loving it up to the finish line of this Valentine’s week! Our editors consulted their hearts and want you to know what they love. Here’s Dana Bincer, Associate Editor of Love of Crochet, to share her deep love of crocheted toys.

For the smiles – that’s why I love to crochet amigurumi. I’m a sucker for the big grins I received from friends and family when I give them crocheted toys. I try to make stuffed animals that the recipients love, to commemorate experiences we’ve shared together, or to celebrate milestones in their lives.

I love the entire process of crocheting for friends from beginning to end including the shopping for the yarn and supplies, the actual crocheting, the anticipation of giving the toy away, and finally, seeing the joy my handmade gift gives the recipient.

I’m never at a loss for a toy to make. There are so many fun crochet amigurumi patterns available and an unlimited number of catchy phrases one can attribute to them, my hooks are always busy and my friends are surrounded by loveable/hugable crochet goodness.

crocheted toys
This dapper softie will charm you in his quirky little way, with his pinstriped pants and an old-fashioned bow tie.
Crochet him using chain stitch embroidery, running stitch, satin stitch, single crochet two together and slip-stitch seam.

crocheted toys
These little monsters carry their hearts and yours too. Crochet them using whipstitch seams and single crochet tow together.

crocheted toys

Enjoy these silly creatures that are posable, thanks to flexible foam rollers stitched into their hair and arms.
Quick to make and fun to pose, they make a terrific stash buster!

Crocheted Toys Earn Smiles!