Daisy Delight Flower Applique/ Pin


Lorene Eppolite


This flower makes an adorable pin, brooch, or hair clip.  It also looks great as an embellishment on any finished item.   They are quick and easy to work up and will get you a big bang for your buck.  Each flower (in  thread) costs me approximately $0.40 to make and I sell them for $4.00.  That’s a 1000% mark up.  You can’t beat that with a stick.  These are one of my best selling items in boutique settings and they still leave plenty of wiggle room for me to make a profit.

Materials List

thread or any yarn with matching hook size
pin or barrette if you want to make a brooch or hair accessory 

Finished Size


In thread

1.25’’ without leaves
1.5’’ with leaves


In worsted weight yarn with 4.0mm hook

Nearly 3” without leaves
Little over 3” with leaves






This pin can also be made using any yarn of your choice.  It will create a much bigger finished flower but is also very cute (I recommend using a slightly smaller hook than what the yarn calls for, I used a 4.0mm for mine).  Use sewing or embroidery thread to attach to pin.

The Pattern


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