Daily Fiber, Raising Funds, and Knitting Love

Get Your Daily Fiber
Photo: Pamela Bethel

This past Saturday, my good friend and photographer Pamela Bethel and I had a photo shoot for the follow-up to Get Hooked – it'll come out in about a year. (We don't have a title yet! Soon…) Imagine my amusement when I discovered this behind-the-scenes shot also features Modern Yarn's awesome Daily Fiber t-shirt (it's one of my faves). Shannon and I will be stopping there on our tour next month, so come on by to get your own! And also, come on by to say hi! And to get a book signed! And to chill out for a couple hours!

Speaking of which, there's only a short time left to help us raise $10,000 for *** cancer research. Please donate today! Every small amount counts SO much.

And on that note, please help us spread the word. Swipe that button in the sidebar and post it to your blog. There are a lot of us participating in the Run For The Cure (even if we plan to walk), and we're hoping to get fiber loving women and men all across the internet involved in supporting this very important cause.

Speaking of knitting + crochet love, the new issue of Knitty is up, and they mention Get Hooked as a “fun thing that caught [their] eye,” along with Amy Swenson's new book, Not Your Mama's Crochet. I love Knitty.

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