Dahlia Spiral Shrug

Growing fabric with Bruges crochet lace is very similar to making a circular medallion with double crochet working in the round. The rate of increase is exactly the same, but obviously the construction technique is quite different. From this construction method, you could create a hat, pillow, cushions, or motifs for a lace shawl or afghan.

For the Dahlia crochet shrug, crochet the circular medallion until it is the width required to accommodate shoulders and arm openings, then continue in spiral rounds (without growth) for the collar and sleeves. The garment is finished off with a simple and elegant scalloped lace border.

Crochet So Lovely: Lace Crochet Shrug Crochet So Lovely: Lace Crocheted Shrug
Crochet So Lovely: Bruges Lace Crochet Shrug

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