CYC’s Super Scarf Trend

The Craft Yarn Council is a big fan of the Super Scarf. So much so, they started a campaign to bring attention to this cozy trend. We jumped on board and helped add an element to the mascot of this movement, the CYC Traveling Super Scarf.

Our addition to the CYC Traveling Scarf features sparkle-infused flowers with leaves, completed by Meghan Babin, Editor of Interweave Knits and Sara Dudek, Associate Editor of Interweave Crochet.

The flowers were inspired by the crochet circles crafted by Macy Sheaman. “We also wanted to add to the surface of the scarf instead of another edging,” Sara Dudek said. “It was like a blank canvas.”

You can find the pattern for the flowers in one of Sara Dudek’s all-time favorite issues of Interweave Crochet, Summer 2015. In addition to airy and delightful summer garments, you will find patterns for the perfect DIY wedding that transition seamlessly from ceremony to elegant evening. My personal favorites are the Glam Dress, the DIY Lapel Pins, and the Bow Tie (and don’t worry—the issue includes a tutorial on tying a bow tie).


You can add your flowers to blankets, scarfs, bags, and more! What I love most about crafting is being able to get creative and modify a pattern. It is very easy to attach your flowers to any knit or crochet item. We used extra yarn and a darning needle to attach our leaves and flowers!

The CYC Traveling Scarf has just two more stops before it’s complete. Be sure and follow along through the Interweave Craft Instagram account. The CYC is not yet finished with the Super Scarf, and they are giving away a little swag!

—Sarah Rothberg
Assistant Editor, Interweave Knits

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CYC Super Scarf
Bette CYC Super Scarf
CYC super scarf

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