Custom made cushion




In an era of economic uncertainty,it pays to be thrifty. This project is custom made by you, you decide on the colour ,yarn, the stitch construction . Go through your stash and add a little freshness to your home .

Materials List

I used approx 300g chunky yarn

100g of fuzzy fur.You can use whatever you want

any size hook

You can add any finishing touches you like tassles, beading, fringing buttons whatever

Finished Size

up to you


you decide on the gauge that works for you


Simple,quick and easy, you decide on the stitch construction,I used a treble.

My cushion is made with chunky wool and fuzzy fur.It really is up to you.

The Pattern

As mentioned throughout make a cushion with any thing you have at hand ,any thickness ,it really is custom made. It really is quick as I used chunky yarn I made mine in a couple of hours.

Simple envelope style means very little sewing up .

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