Current Fashions and Crochet Edgings

During a little window shopping the other day, I was struck by an elegant fashion trend. Have you seen the beautiful blouses edged and embellished with wide lace? The tops were simple, but the wide lace was intricate, definitely the highlight of the garments.
As I drooled, I realized how simple it would be to make my own. I could whip up a couple of yards of thread crochet lace and sew them onto t-shirts, skirts, blouses, or jackets. It would be so easy!

The first step is to find the perfect lace edging. It needs to be wide and detailed enough to make it the star of the outfit. Here are a few of the edgings I am considering. They are all from Top-Down Edgings with Kristin Omdahl.

Multi-Level Orchid Edging

The Multi-Level Orchid has everything I am looking for. Offset chain stitches create a wide band that is perfect for seaming to a ready-made garment or insert your hook directly into the hem of the garment. The shell-stitches stacked to create the “orchids” are certainly eye-catching, and this lace edging would work up quickly.

Tiered Offset Shells in Rows Edging

For a completely different look, the Tiered Offset Shells in Rows is incredible. Very similar to the crocodile stitch, but with a fabulous picot, this edging is solid, but would look very fashionable on a jacket or framing the neckline of a top.

Superior Flower Edging

Finally there is the Superior Flower. This trim is very similar to the styles I saw gracing the blouses in the window. The unique flowers dropping elegantly from the simple single crochet band would look so delicate worked in thread.

You can find all these edgings and more in Top-Down Edgings with Kristin Omdahl as well as many more innovative designs. Download your copy today and turn ready-made garments into one-of-a-kind pieces.

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P.S. Have you ever edged a ready-made garment with crochet lace? Share your tips in the comments.

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