Cupcake Crockpot Cozy


Tamara Kelly


I attended a lovely potluck cookout at a friend’s house, and as I so often do, I brought my little slow cooker, all preheated and filled with yummy goodness. In order to transport it with the lid on tight and keep it warm where I couldn’t plug it in, I had it all wrapped up in dishtowels and rubber bands. Though it did the trick, I couldn’t help but wish I had something better. Well, a bit of pondering and playing later…

The base is made using a double thick technique to protect your surfaces, and the sides are ribbed to keep it warm and safe. The top covers the lid and ties tight to keep it on, and when it’s folded back for serving the sides become super thick to keep the contents toasty throughout the meal.

Materials List

  • 325+ yards of worsted weight 100% cotton yarn (Bernat Handicrafter Cotton shown)
  • US – H, 5.00mm hook

Finished Size

The great thing about crock-pots and slow cookers is that they come in lots of different sizes. The downside is that it makes pattern writing a little trickier! So I’ve written up the pattern that I used to cover my 1.5 quart Rival Crockpot, which has a 5 inch wide bottom to the crock. In addition, I’ve included notes on how to continue up-sizing the pattern to make a custom cover for your own slow cooker. You’ll want to keep your (clean and cold) crock and lid handy so you can try it on as you go and achieve a truly custom fit.


WARNING: Only use cotton or superwash wool for this pattern! Acrylic could melt from the heat, and it needs to be washable since it’s used with food. Never ever use the cozy inside the heating base – only on the crock outside the base!

The Pattern

For pattern instructions and photos, please visit moogly’s Cupcake Crockpot Cozy pattern page!

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