Cupcake Charm


Lulu D


So I was sitting in my living room on a Friday afternoon, staring at my myspace and i realized I wanted something to represent my myspace nickname “Cupcake”, so I started looking at crochet patterns for jewelry since I wanted a necklace charm. I wanted apattern for a mini Cupcake but I couldn’t find any patterns online. So out of sheer boredom I made up my own.

*NOTE* I DID NOT keep notes on how exactly I crocheted this little cupcake so if you see anymistakes feel free to correct them.

Materials List

3.75 F Hook
Little yarn scraps (any colors you want)
little pieces of fabric or cotton balls (for stuffing)

Small metal round (so you can put it on a necklace or keychain if you wish)

Finished Size

Depends on your hook size.


Not sure if there is a specific gauge. Depends on your needle size.

The Pattern

DO NOT TURN AFTER EACH ROUND! If you do it will make the cucpcake look bulky and uneven!


Ch 3, join with sl st.

Round 1: 2 sc in each ch around. join with sl st, ch 1.(6 sc)
Round 2: *1 sc, 2 sc in each st* Repeat ** around. join ch 1.(12 sc)
Round 3-4: Sc around, ch 1. (12)

(This round is to make the wavy edge)Round 5: *3 hdc in 1 sc, sk 1 sc, sl st in 1 sc* Repeat ** around. Join. Finish off

Now for the bottom.

For the bottom repeat the icing pattern but instead of making round 5 wavy u just keep single crocheting around.

Add a little metal round to your cupcake and its ready for action!

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