Cubicus the Boxfish

First of Things Yellow

He’s very cute and looks like someone just popped him out of an ice tray. At 4” from nose to tail, Ostracion cubicus still retains the bright yellow colloration of a juvenille but can grow up to be 18” in the wild. Cubicus likes a stress-free existence without too much water turbulence. If agitated, Cubicus will release a toxin that will kill everything in a reef tank. Cubicus is found from the Indo-Pacific (specifically Hawaii) to Africa. Some of the smaller varieties of boxfish make delightful pets as once tamed they are most inquisitive and will respond well to the voice and face of their owners. Due to the toxitity issue, they are best left to the advanced aquarist.

This cubicus is made from single crochet and slip stitches. He has inset glass eyes with a crocheted eyesocket and an eyelid. The body is embellished with black glass rhinestones. Due to small parts, this design is best for adult collectors or display only.

An original design by Kelly Lynn Smith.

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