Crossing the “Finish” Line in a Crochet Trifecta

My fetish for finishing is well known around the office. Just because something is done doesn’t mean it’s finished—“finishing” refers to all those things you do after your crochet garment pieces come off the hook. Sewing perfect seams and learning how to properly block your crochet sweater takes your piece from homemade-looking to handmade-looking.

Sew the perfect seam: A clip from Shannon’s finishing course

Not to get meta here, but Crochet Finishing Techniques is also the finishing flourish on a trifecta of crochet workshops from acclaimed author, designer, and teacher Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby. Shannon is known for couture-level garment design. While designing your own garments is a kind of Everest for crocheters, Shannon also gives you the tools you need to start crocheting. His workshop Beginning Crochet teaches the very basics, from holding a hook to reading a yarn label to making your first stiches. It’s a great way to hook someone who wants to learn crochet. Get it? “Hook”?

Shannon’s take on the age-old controversy of how to hold your hook

Maybe you (or someone you know) already know SC and HDC. In that case, Beyond Beginning Crochet is the next step. In this workshop, Shannon takes you from making stitches to making fabric. There is a lot of fun stuff in here: bobbles; chevrons, fans . . . as well as how working the front loop, back loop, or around the post can make amazingly different crochet fabric.

Candy-colored crochet compendium

Candy-colored crochet compendium

Whether you are new to crochet or want to finish what you started, Shannon’s workshops have you covered. Check them out today!

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