Crochetscene’s Basket Cases

Basket Cases, two basket crochet patterns designed by Meredith Crawford, are featured in the Apartment Living Story of Crochetscene 2017. You can use them in the kitchen for utensils and fruit (as pictured in the magazine) OR work them up to hold all your crochet hooks and works in progress (WIPs).

These baskets work up fast because they are made from a very unique and very bulky yarn. Premier Yarns Macra-Made is a polyester acrylic blend that is super thick and super quick. This yarn feels more like a sturdy cord than your standard spun yarn. The baskets stay sturdy because of the unique yarn used. You’ll be searching for more ways to work with this funky and thick yarn.


You can make two sizes of these baskets. The smaller basket works only two rounds before you start working up the sides (that’s how quick this yarn is). The bottom of the smaller basket is worked in the bright green sprout colorway and then finished off in platinum. The larger basket holds much more and works five rounds before you start working up the sides. It is worked in in Curacao coral for the bottom base and finished in platinum. Both baskets have handles so you can carry your goods with ease.


If you want to make these baskets- get this kit! The kit includes a print issue of Crochetscene 2017, guest edited by Vickie Howell. It features 34 totally awesome crochet projects so you are getting so much more than the pattern to make these baskets. This kit also includes SIX skeins of Premier Yarns Macra-Made yarn. That’s enough to make one of each of the basket sizes so you can have a matching set!

I can’t wait to make these baskets for myself. These would be perfect for keeping right on my desk here at Interweave. I always need a good place for my stray crochet hooks and my project for meetings (yes—we crochet in meetings). What will you hold in these crafty crochet baskets?

—Sara Dudek
Associate Editor, Interweave Crochet