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Dear readers, sometimes we accidentally publish an error in a pattern. This could be due to my having mistakenly failed to use the most recent version of a file*, or it could simply be due to more basic human error. (Occasionally, it's due to the wild-eyed gnomes that run the code of the site and sometimes mess with things just to keep us on our toes**.) The wonder of the World Wide Web, of course, is that mistakes can be corrected right away. Phew!

When I correct an error in a pattern, or even if I just add some text to clarify a potentially confusing bit, the correction will show up in orange text. This is to indicate to people who have already read, printed, or even begun crocheting the pattern that something has changed.

So. If you're working on a pattern and you hit a snag you think isn't due to pilot error, please check the pattern page first to see if there have been any corrections added.

* This is why most of the Two Traveling Bags patterns are orange. My bad.
** Those pesky gnomes really did a job on the fractions in the Daisy skirt. My apologies for not catching it right away.

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