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What do you do when the new issue of Interweave Crochet arrives on the bookstore shelf or, even better, right in your own mailbox? Do you thumb through it slowly, marking what you want to do? Do you gaze longingly at things you think you might be able to do, if only you were better at crocheting? Well, Toni shows you how you can be better at crocheting – one post stitch at a time.

Caomh BlanketDo cables send you scurrying to your LYS for the perfect yarn to work the exotically intricate cables? Or do you ooh and ahh over the picture, then flip quickly past the directions? Cables, which are showing up in a wide variety of crochet projects, are actually pretty easy. Grab a hook and a ball of yarn, and let’s practice.

Cables are created with a combination of front post stitches and back post stitches. Post stitches are made just like regular stitches, except instead of inserting the hook through both loops, insert the hook around the post of the stitch. For a front post double-crochet stitch (see figure 1), insert the hook from front to back to front and pull up a loop for the first part of the stitch. For a back post stitch (see figure 2), insert the hook from back to front to back and pull up a loop. Finish the stitch as usual and Ta Da! You have just created a post stitch.

Figure 1 and 2

Now, for a whole pattern with cables: Jodi Euchner’s cabled baby blanket, Sólás Caomh, from the Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Crochet. Cables are made by alternating rows of crossed stitches and rows of uncrossed stitches; sometimes the crossed stitches are a bit taller than the rest of the stitches in the row to keep the fabric from puckering as you create the cables. So you work triple crochet cable stitches over double crochets. Got it?
Figure 3
Still have your hook and yarn ball handy? Make some base stitches (I made 42 double crochets, then on the second row, I worked three regular doubles crochets through both loops). Now start the cables: Skip the next 3 double crochets and work a treble crochet around the front post of the next double crochet. Work a treble crochet around the front post of the next each of the next 2 double crochets (see Figure 3). Next, work a treble crochet in each of the skipped double crochets, beginning with the first skipped double crochet.

For a wider cable, repeat this six-stitch pattern. Sólás Caomh comes all equipped with a chart to show you what stitches to put where. Go ahead! Give it a try!

swatch pattern

You’ll find more cable patterns with the Oxford Town Tote and Diamond Cabled Pullover from Fall 2008 issue and the Stone Path Hat from the Winter 2007 issue. Back issues are available in the Interweave Store.

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