Crocheting With Wire


I have crocheted with linen, bamboo, cotton, wool, and even milk protein fibers. Next on my list is crocheting with wire. Yes, it's true! You can actually crochet with wire. The resulting piece has an organic appearance with not entirely uniform stitches that remind me of the unique nature of crochet. I love the opulent elegance created through the combination of copper wire and beads found in the Hairpin Wire Bangle (at left). This bracelet would make a great accessory for that little black dress for evening out or a simple sundress for an afternoon of shopping with friends. But I think that hairpin lace with wire might be a little intensive for my first project. I may have to make it my second wire project.


I really wanted a bracelet, so I turned instead to the Beaded Chain Bracelet (below). Beadwork magazine graciously gave me a spool of copper Soft Flex craft wire and I was ready to go. When you are choosing a wire to crochet with, make sure it has enough flexibility to be manipulated with your crochet hook. Because my wire was pure copper, I went ahead and used an aluminum hook. 

After the first two stitches I was in love. The wire is easier to crochet with than I imagined, and I love the precision of making each stitch the same size. Wire holds each turn and bend of the crochet stitch, highlighting its unique construction. 


If you are planning on trying wire crochet for the first time here are a few tips found helpful.

  • Exaggerate each stitch as if you were trying to see exactly how each stitch is worked. These larger movements make working with the stiff wire easier.
  • Hold the wire loosely. Tight tension will crimp the wire and makes it difficult to pull the hook through or insert the hook in a stitch.
  • Remember that wire has no elasticity, but the stiffness of the medium also highlights the beauty of the crochet stitch.
  • Slide each chain or stitch to the same point on the shaft of your crochet hook. Wire is stiffer than thread or yarn, and by always sliding each stitch to the same point on your hook, you can ensure that the chains or stitches are uniform in size.
  • Metal crochet hooks can scrape off the coating on wires that have a colored coating. Plastic hooks have the strength needed and won't rub off this coating. 

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