How to Make Crochet Paracord Projects and Why You Should: It’s Better Than Knitting Cord!

How to make crochet paracord projects and why you should.You can crochet with anything! I have seen multiple examples of projects crocheted from plastic bags and t-shirt fabric. Last year, Interweave Crochet‘s editor Marcy Smith undertook a project to crochet with cassette tapes. I will even admit to a single occasion when I attempted to crochet with licorice; it is very difficult as the strands break easily and just taste so good. Have you ever tried to make crochet paracord projects?

A few days ago, my dad sent me a short video about a guy who knits with parachute cord, allowing him to create a strong strap and convert a large length of cord to a utilitarian and manageable length. My first thought was, “I could do better with crochet!” The objective of adapting parachute cord to straps, bracelets, or belts is to keep a large length of cord available for emergencies. Frequently worked with knots, this trend of paracord projects is currently very popular with those preparing for emergencies and avid hikers and backpackers just to name a few. And in a situation when it is important to be able to use your parachute cord quickly, ease of undoing your strap is important, making knitting or crochet a good choice. Although I’ve thankfully never been in a life-threatening situation, there have been times when I wished I had cordage on hand.

Paracord crochet projectsAnd if the point of knitting the parachute cord is to convert a long length of cord to a much shorter strap, wouldn’t crochet be a better choice? After all, people have complained for years that crochet uses more yarn than knitting. Finally, this fact is a bonus.

  1. I started with Tunisian simple stitch. This easy Tunisian stitch uses more length than a single crochet stitch and is easier to work with the stiff cordage. I am in love with the look and feel of this strap. It is strong but flexible, and would also make a great belt.
  2. Using a size M (9 mm) hook, five stitches and three rows is about two inches wide and two inches tall and uses five feet of parachute cord. This means that a 100 foot package of parachute cord will create a two inch wide strap or belt that is about three and one third feet, or 40 inches, long.

Crocheting with ParacordI can’t wait show my Tunisian crochet strap to my father. What paracord projects would you make out of parachute cord, or what crazy item have you crocheted with?

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  1. Geri T at 4:07 pm May 7, 2017

    Would like to make a guitar strap for my daughter!

  2. Michael M at 5:13 pm August 1, 2017

    Hello, I’m wondering if any crochet pattern could be done with paracord. I’d like to make small messenger bags with paracord for my nieces and nephews. I like the idea of paracord.

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