Crocheting through Sports

I had no idea that sports are a year-round thing! The only thing on my personal radar was American football. But enter Boyfriend and now I know there is always some sport to watch. No, scratch that. There are multiple sports to watch—each and every day of the year (or maybe it just feels that way).

I only watched the tail end of basketball season this year and asked him a ton of stupid questions. I was secretly thankful when the playoffs ended, thinking we could get back to watching sitcoms or movies or something, only to learn that baseball, NASCAR, and golf were in store. I don’t want to rush summer or anything, but I’m looking forward to the fall, so we can watch the one sport I’m interested in: football.

Truth be told, I zone out when sports are on TV (except football, of course). I find this a great time to crochet and to daydream about crochet. Sometimes I make sports-related items like the stadium cushions from Love of Crochet Summer 2015 or a toy football. But more often than not, I’m working on projects for me or gifts for friends and family.

If you’re looking for inspiration for fun project to crochet while sports play out on the television, check out Love of Crochet Summer 2017 or Interweave Crochet Summer 2017. Leave me a comment and let me know what you like to crochet while sports are on.


Sporty Crochet? Yes, Please!

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