Crocheting is like An Apple

Thank you all for your amazing quotes! There were so many wonderful suggestions-some were funny, others were poignant or inspiring.

ChricketH@2 suggested, "Crocheting is like therapy, nearly as expensive, but much more satisfying." I agree on both points. After a rough day, all I really want is a trip to the local yarn store and an evening of crochet.

No, choosing the perfect quote for our Facebook cover image was not an easy task. The winning quote finally came from bnash01. She suggested, "Crocheting is like the bite of a cool crisp apple on an early morning fall day!"

The excitement of that first bite into a crisp fall apple is invigorating and exciting, the same exhilaration I feel when I start a new crochet project.

Now I want to invite you to use and share this image too. Go ahead and use it as the cover image for your own Facebook page. It's easy; just right click on the image below, choose "Save Image As" or "Save picture as" and save it to your computer, then upload the cover photo to your own Facebook page. Don't forget to include this link,,  in the image description so that other crocheters can download the photo for their own pages.

Best wishes,

P.S. You can find past Crochet Me Facebook cover images to use in the Free Interweave Crochet Patterns section

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