Crocheting in America

I love crochet almost as much as I love America—both for many reasons. One reason is that everything will always look beautiful to someone no matter the color(s) or material(s). Another reason is that if something appeals to you as a whole, but there are things you want to change, i.e. colors, yarn, etc., you have the freedom to create something as uniquely beautiful as you are.

Crocheting in America

Unique crochet CREDIT: Elizabeth W. Kearley/Getty

As we approach the Fourth of July, I’ve been contemplating how to create projects that are as beautiful as this country we are blessed to live in. I focused on creating with the traditional red, white and blue, but the projects listed below can be made in whatever palette appeals to you.

1. Patriotic Waves Lapghan

This 3-color wonder fits the patriotic palette perfectly. If you want to crochet something that uses versions of the national colors, look no further than this lapghan.

Crocheting in America

Patriotic Waves Lapghan by Dana Bincer CREDIT: George Boe

2. Calming Wall Hanging

This quick-to-stitch project uses 3 colors that can easily be swapped out to fit any décor or holiday. In fact, Blue Sky Fibers Bulky (affiliate link) is available is so many colors that choosing the perfect 3 may be a problem. If tradition wins out, I’d recommend polar bear, marine and lava for a great patriotic trio.

Crocheting in America

Calming Wall Hanging by Shelby Allaho CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

3. Stars and Stripes Pillow

If you’re looking for a project that not only look beautiful in any color range but also will challenge your stitching skills, you’ll definitely want to check out this pattern. Don’t let the technique worry you. We included a tutorial to guide you through the process.

Crocheting in America

Stars and Stripes Pillow by Daniela Nii CREDIT: George Boe

4. Sprouting Poppy Coaster

Here’s an easy pattern that will only take a quick color change. Switch the red edging for a blue one and you’ll be ready for a Fourth of July picnic or party.

Crocheting in America

Sprouting Poppy Coaster by Jennifer Pionk CREDIT: GoodFolk Photography

5. Pleiades Shawl

No holiday would be complete without a handmade garment or accessory, and this one is doubly apropos because it’s made with stars! Replace the smoke with cream or white and the eggplant with a shade of blue—and you’ll be set.

Crocheting in America

Pleiades Shawl by Chelsea Norquay-Wales CREDIT: Harper Point Photography

No matter which colors you want to snuggle under, decorate with or use to accessorize, we’re sure that your finished project will be beautiful. Whatever you choose to create, please post a photo of your creation in the comments. We can’t wait to see the diversity!

Happy stitching!

Featured Image: Jupiterimages/Getty Images Plus

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