Crocheting for Summer Wear

Hot temperatures and humidity are here again. It's time to pack the crocheted sweaters and hats away in the back of the closet and wait for the cooler temperatures of late fall and winter. But maybe not. Known for its lace, crochet is the perfect technique to create summer garments. And the inherently airy nature of even the more solid single crochet stitches makes crochet a great option for summer hats.


Tank Tops

A crocheted tank top is the ideal choice for summer crochet wear. Worked in a structured cotton, a tank top is cool alternative for those warm summer days and an excellent design through which to showcase the possibilities of crochet lace as well as solid textured stitches.  Pair it with a light-weight camisole to dress up your favorite summer skirt, jeans, or shorts.

Grove Park Tank by Robyn Chachula   Strung Shells Top by Simona Merchant-Dest    


There is nothing better on a hot summer evening than a cooling breeze and a light rain shower. When the temperatures finally dip below sweltering, I reach for a light cardigan. And for summer, the best cardigans are light, lacy, and short-sleeved. If you live in a cooler climate or are working an especially lacy pattern, feel free to reach for the sport-weight wool or alpaca yarn. Or reach for your favorite standby cotton.

Kristy Cardi by Dora Ohrenstein   Winkle Vest by Tracy St. John    


Many of us whip out winter hats by the dozens, but have you ever crocheted a summer hat? Even worked in single crochet, these crochet hats are perfect for summer. The drape of crochet creates fun and functional floppy sun hats that are as much fun to create as they are to wear. Try embellishing your hat with a cluster of crochet flowers and enjoy the shade this elegant and functional accessory provides.

Fun in the Sun Hat by Annette Petavy   Audrey Hat by Christina Marie Potter    

This summer, don't relegate your crochet garments and accessories to the back of the closet. Visit the Crochet Me Store for more great summer garment and hat patterns.

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P.S. What is your favorite summer crochet piece to wear?


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