Crocheting Amigurumi in Thread

Chiyo the Mouse was originally crocheted with worsted weight for her modeling debut on the pages of the Crochet Me 2012 Amigurumi Calendar. She is an adorable embodiment of the imagination and playfulness we admire in children, with her balloons and bright red jumper.

Crochet Amigurumi Mouse  
Shellie's Mouse  

I didn't think Chiyo could be any more adorable, and then I saw her worked in thread. Hollie and Shellie, two of my coworkers here at Interweave, recently showed me their four versions of Chiyo, each worked in miniscule thread. The use of the thread makes each mouse about the size of its real life counterpart but so much cuter and minus the "eek!" factor.

In fact, Hollie and Shellie were so enamored with these little versions that they have determined to crochet in thread each amigurumi in the Crochet Me 2012 Calendar collection. I asked them what it was like to crochet amigurumi with thread.

Hollie: I loved how tiny and adorable they looked with the thread, and they worked up really quickly.  Working with thread was hard on my hands and eyes though.

Shellie: Tiny Mice! I love anything in miniature! I started the mouse in the recommended yarn and got the nose done and it seemed huge to me, so I decided to try her in thread and see what happened.

It really wasn't that difficult. I am a new crocheter, so any of the changes I made were easy and seemed to just come naturally. I made some adjustments to the body, arms and legs, and dress. The body, I don't remember exactly what I changed right now, but it seemed to make sense as I was crocheting and the size was getting close to what would work with the head. For the arms and legs, I opted to crochet flat and then seam together around the wire because I was having trouble making tiny tubes. The dress, I did change slightly, but, again, it was easy to alter as I went and was keeping an eye on the size of it.

  Hollie's Mice

One of my favorite things about crocheted amigurumi is how easily you can modify your creation by working in a bulky weight yarn or thread to easily alter the size of your finished amigurumi.

You can find all of the patterns for the Crochet Me 2012 Amigurumi Calendar in the Crochet Me Shop. And join us in the crochet-along. We will post one pattern for free download the first seven days of each month.

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