Crocheted Purse


Olivia Kent



It’s always fun going out! Whether it be to the park, beach or shops. I think one of the other things I love to do when going out is taking my camera with and taking lots of photos!… Yes I might be slightly obsessed with photography.. but is that really such a bad thing? Anyways where was I?.. Oh yes!
So going out is fun, but what makes any journey beyond the gates of your house ten times more fun is if you don’t have a thick strap from your handbag burying down into the bone of your shoulder! I always try to take the absolute minimum with me! But all you ladies out there understand how hard it is to finding a casual looking bag that’s small yet also cute!
Of course I decided to do something about this, and got my crochet hook out!

Materials List

4.50 Crochet Hook
Tapestry or Wool Needle
8ply Wool
Measuring Tape

The Pattern

Find free pattern here~

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