Crocheted Pincushion Contest

PieceWork magazine has announced its annual Excellence in Needle Arts Pincushion Contest! First place winners will be chosen in each of 5 categories, including crochet, knitting, beading, needlework, and lace-making/tatting.

Come join the excitement! Pincushions are so much fun to design. They are little; you can try out a new technique, and they are a wonderful way to connect with the history of crochet. 

Karen, PieceWork's assistant editor, shared with us a little bit about the pincushion's history.

In the corner of the kitchen windowsill in the farmhouse where I grew up sat a giant pincushion. You know, the big fat tomato kind, jammed with a motley assortment of pins and needles, the dangling strawberry emery long gone. I have the fondest memories from that kitchen-making dolls from hollyhocks, pitting cherries with a hairpin, mom putting my sister's knitted 4-H sweater in the oven to dry in time before the county fair-and the fat tomato pincushion was witness to them all. Apparently, it was the Victorians who introduced the tomato pincushion to the world.

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