Koozies for a Cause: How One Local Crochet Group Is Giving Back

The sense of community and friendship within the crafting world amazes me. Whether it’s over yarn, beads or beer, crafters seem to unite for a cause. In fact, one local crochet group is doing just that—combining their love of yarn and beer to craft on behalf of a friend with cancer. What they’re doing is awesome, but what’s even better? You may be able to help out.

I recently popped into Snowbank Brewery, one of my favorites of the numerous breweries in Fort Collins, Colorado. After ordering my favorite brew, I noticed 2 things:

1) a fabulous handmade koozie on a pint glass, and —

2) a group of women crocheting.

After chatting with the women, I discovered that the group was making crocheted koozies to benefit a friend with cancer. While we were chatting, some beertenders from Odell volunteered to start collecting donations at their brewery as well.

crocheted koozies

Watching these communities unite made me wonder what I could do to help.

I started to think about how welcoming and friendly the yarn community has been to me as a beginner. I also thought about how many “yarnies” would be in the Northern Colorado area for Interweave Yarn Fest (held during the second weekend in April) and decided the best possible way I could help would be to spread the word.

I met with Heather Hansmeier, one of the group members, and she answered some questions to let us know how we can help.

Marissa: How long have you been crocheting?

Heather: My grandmother taught my mom who then taught me as a girl.  I picked it back up about 4 years ago and then taught my friend Nicole, who is also a part of the group. Since then we have both advanced a lot and my mom is so proud of me.

M: How did your crochet group start?

H: We are co-workers and we like to grab a beer and crochet after work together.

M: How did you choose Snowbank Brewery?

H: Snowbank Brewery is a great place to crochet. Good lighting, good beers, great space, and the beertenders are all so nice!

M: Tell us a little about your cause.

H: In 2003, I met my friend Amy. A few years later she met Marc, and they’re now engaged. Recently, Marc found out he has stage 4 B cell lymphoma. He has had to go on leave from his job to do his chemo treatment and has restrictions of visitors. His co-workers have donated their PTO to him. They are just the best couple. Great people, always smiling and helping others so I’d like to do something for them!

M: How did you decide on making koozies?

H: Marc always is using a koozie, so it seemed fitting! It also helps that we are around so many great breweries, and [koozies] are quick to make.

M: How can the yarn community help?

H: We are trying to make as many koozies as we can, and we plan to hold a fundraiser when the weather gets a little nicer, but our resources are a little tight since the group is so small. Any help they could give whether it be making crocheted koozies, or donating yarn or money, every little bit helps.

Thanks so much, Heather! If you feel like celebrating yarn, beer and a good cause, spend a few minutes making a koozie. Snowbank Brewing isn’t the only crochet group that has found inspiration in the act of giving, but we find their approach is both tasty and unique.

Reach out to Heather Hansmeier via heatherhansmeier(at)gmail.com – ask how you can help with koozies for a cause. The koozie pattern she is using can be downloaded here.

And if you happen to be at Interweave Yarn Fest 2018, we’ll be encouraging enthusiastic yarnies to make and donate while they are immersed in their fiber experience. Join us!

Snowbank Brewing on the Internet
FB: SnowBankBrewingCO
Insta: @snowbankbrew
Website: www.snowbank.beer

Happy crafting!

Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

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