Crocheted Icicles for a Christmas Tree


Christmas ornaments, easy to make


If you are like me and have cats…or even dogs, who like to chew on trees and the silver icicles, then maybe this will be an answer. You know those crocheted bookworms that curl up? Well, I thought that they could be turned into icicles for trees.

Me, I have small trees because my apartment is very small. I used Crochet Cotton for my small trees.

Materials List

Crochet Cotton for small trees

Worsted Weight yarn for large trees

Crochet hook size 2.75mm for small trees.

Crochet hook size 3.5mm for large trees.


Finished Size

varies depending on the size you want


varies depending on type of yarn and hook size


It is up to you how long you make your icicles and whether you make them out of crochet cotton or other yarn or even specialty yarn.
The size of hook you choose is also up to you, but the smaller the hook, the better it will look.
Guage, size and all over look will vary according to what materials you use.

Have fun and be creative.


The Pattern

It is up to you how long you want your icicle to be. Remember that it will curl up making it about half the length of your original chain foundation.

I crocheted 30 chains for the Crochet cotton ones.
sc in 29 of the chains.

fasten off and darn in ends.

This is the basic pattern. Crochet it as long as you want, then turn and sc in the remainder of chains. It will curl as you do making an icicle.

Make as many as you like, in as many colours as you like and hang on tree. No starching required.

Enjoy your new creation.

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