Crocheted Headband


Here is a free pattern of a headband I made up last month. This one could again serve as a good stash busting project and can be worked in any yarn with a suitable crochet hook.

Materials List

4.0mm Hook (US Size G)

Peaches & Creme Article 930 HC 4 Ecru

Finished Size

Can be worked less or more as per individual’s size.


Not important.


Abbreviations: sc: Single Chain
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
yo: yarn over

sc: single chain

The Pattern

Step 1. Chain 41
Step 2: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across till the second last ch. (We have worked one open edge of the base chain.)
Step 3: ch3, 5dc in the same last ch. Turn. (This is the beginning of the broader portion of the headband.)
Repeat Step 3, 24 more times. (Total 25 repeats.)
Step 4: ch3, yo draw through ch3 below, /*yo draw through first 2 loops on hook*/ yo draw through last dc, repeat from /* to */
Step 5: yo draw through ch 3 below, repeat from /* to */ 2 more times.
Step 6: yo draw through all loops on hook.
Step 7: ch 1 to lock all loops.
Step 8: ch 41
Step 9: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in all subsequent chains to the end (40 sc)
Step 10: / ch 3, * 2 sc in the next space on side of headband, 3 sc in the next space /
Step 11: Repeat from / to / till all spaces on one side of headband are covered.
Step 12: { ch3, sc in the back loop of the side chain, sc in the back loop of each base chain to the end, bind off }
Step 13: join yarn on the last sc (place where the tie string transforms into the main headband) on the side of the headband that has not been framed by sc yet.
Step 14: Repeat from { to }

Step 15: Weave in ends.

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