Crocheted Garland for Christmas Trees


A garland that won’t shed, cats won’t eat and you will enjoy from year to year. I used Fuschia worsted weight yarn and Variated Fun Fur yarn on this pink garland on my white tree.

Materials List

Fun Fur yarn or something similar. How much depends on how long you want your garland. If you go to the Dollar Stores to buy, I’d say get 5 balls just in case you make one large enough for a 6 foot tree.

Worsted weight yarn the same colour as one of the colours in your Fun Fur. One large ball will do fine.

Crochet hook size 5mm.

Finished Size

Dependin on how large your tree is, will depend on how long you must chain your foundation row. If you have a large tree, you will have a HUGE chain. Or you may want to do it in two sections. For me, I have trees no taller than 3′ tall. It was easy. I chained until I thought it was long enough and then tried it around the tree. That gave me a general idea.


It depends on the size hook you need. In mine, I have 3-4 sc per inch.


No special notes.

The Pattern

With a size 5mm hook and one strand of Fun yarn and one strand of worsted weight yarn, chain as long as you need to go around your tree.

When you have gotten the chain long enough, sc in each chain all the way back to the beginning chain.

Fasten off.

Weave in ends.

Place on Christmas tree and enjoy!

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